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PlacementWorks Note: This program is no longer in effect.

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — Word was received this week approving PlacementWorks as the sole-distributor in the St. Petersburg area for funds to help local businesses hire the disabled. This non-profit organization, supported and funded through the Department of Education and Vocational Rehabilitation, has received approval to connect local businesses with disabled workers. Employers who hire the disabled will receive complete employment funds for the worker’s first 90 days. In addition, employers who hire the disabled are eligible to receive a tax incentive amounting to approximately $2,4000 per employee hired.

“This truly is a win-win situation for both employer and employee,” explains Christy Boccabella-Brown, Director of PlacementWorks. “PlacementWorks will be paying the employee’s wages during their first 90-days. We have been selected by the State to pilot this on-the-job program, where our organization pays the employee all wages and Workers Compensation for the first 90 days. After the 90 days the employer can then choose to hire the individual or not.”

PlacementWorks has hundreds of employable students and adults with varying abilities. Studies have shown that employing the disabled leads to more motivated work force. “Our employees are very loyal, trustworthy and motivate to work.” Boccabella-Brown explains. “The concept of this program is to essentially make tax consumers into tax payers. This funding is available now for local businesses to take full advantage of it. And, there are other incentives such as job coaching services and training.”

For further information or to apply to become a recipient of this funding, contact PlacementWorks at 727-743-4220.